The origin of the project

The Human Gate project was founded in April 2022 by Optiware NET s.r.o. and Kominus Plus LLC. Originally as support for increasing the efficiency and transparency of humanitarian aid.

In November 2022, an official agreement on cooperation in the Human Gate project was signed between the Czech companies Optiware NET s.r.o. and QORE Technologies s.r.o. and the Ukrainian companies Esculab PE and Kominus Plus LLC.

After that, the focus of the Human Gate project expanded to support the recovery and development of Ukraine through cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian entities.

The Human Gate project was gradually joined by companies that are associated within the "Elements For Smart City Export Alliance" led by Moram CZ s.r.o. Other companies from the Czech Republic and Ukraine are gradually getting involved.

Mission of the project

In the Czech Republic, there are several state and private organizations that are involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine or want to be involved in it. At the same time, the effective recovery and development of Ukraine requires a coordinated systemic approach.

With our Human Gate project, we therefore also want to contribute to effective coordination and systemic cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian companies and Czech and Ukrainian authorities in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

However, in this effort we want to be mindful of the commitment to transparency and integrity of all participants at every level and type of collaboration.

Principles of cooperation

Ukraine will need a lot of support and help after the war. However, this support and assistance must be conceived and implemented from the outset with regard to the minimization of corruption, non-transparency and business impropriety. At the same time, it should support not only the technical and managerial standards of the European business style, but also the standards of professional and business ethics and morality.

The Human Gate project is open to all Czech and Ukrainian companies that, by participating in the project, undertake to comply with the following principles:

  • respect for the law and the rule of law,
  • zero tolerance of corruption, requirement of integrity, transparency and accountability,
  • promoting the exchange and dissemination of standards of professional and business ethics.

See more in the PRINCIPLES section.


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